Originally from London, Eddie’s entry into the real estate industry was somewhat unorthodox. Beginning his career as an advertising executive, his drive and passion for communications meant he became a director at the award winning advertising agency McCann Erickson at the young age of 26. He later moved to Madrid establishing Spain’s first online advertising agency with blue chip advertisers such as Philips and Porsche.

His move to southern Spain 20 years ago was where his marketing industry background engaged with the real estate business for the first time. He soon realised that his passion for communication, coupled with his new-found attraction for real estate was a perfect match.

Subsequently, Eddie decided to take his long established digital media experience to the real estate business. He worked behind the scenes for some of the largest developers and constructors in Spain. As his appetite and knowledge of Spanish realty grew, Eddie was convinced that his future lay in the real estate business. His aspiration was to change the industry for the better. Applying his professionalism and past expertise, Eddie embarked on a new venture with REAS, opening its offices in Estepona.

His desire to always go the extra mile is clear as one enters the Estepona office, where the words “Make it Matter” are sprawled in large letters on the wall.

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