Born and raised in Tamasi, Hungary, Kitti grew up admiring the architectural design of her own city. Chatty and with a lot of love for friends, she discovered her passion to connect and make people happy from an early age, by learning in hospitality and after being a sauna master in the spa world.

She had the second place on the national championship this time. This talent prompted her to move to Austria to pursue a career. Upon arriving, her social network became more international, learning German, English on the way. In 2017 she moved to Spain where she also learned Spanish and she never looked back.

Kitti’s international experience and the acquired understanding of the many different perspectives, relevant to the cultures, cities, businesses and markets, have all added a valuable skill set to her ability to serve a wider range of clientele and connect with people from all over the world.

When not assisting clients, Kitti can usually be found enjoying Marbella lifestyle with her partner and her dog. She also has a passion for health and wellness and she enjoys travelling to new and interesting places.

+34 951 121 364 [email protected]