Born and raised in Denmark, coming from a background of sports. He was on the winning gymnastic team of the Danish nationals and also achieved gold in the Nordic countries championship. He has travelled the world to compete and represent Denmark in countries such as Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Spain and Japan. His career stopped when got injured during a competition, but his brothers have continued there careers in Cirque de Soleil.

He decided to look for new adventures and left Denmark at the start of his 20’s. Beginning in the restaurant & tourism business he worked in Spain, the French alps, Biarritz and Caribbean. In Greece he was part of an international sales team, selling out a 5 star apartment hotel in 2 years, where he achieved the award for best selling agent after his first year.

He moved to Marbella 12 years ago and after having two beautiful children, he decided to stop travelling and to settle in Marbella to give them home, security and quality of life. He was co-founder of an internet provider company and has also build a successful holiday rental company in Marbella.

Nikolaj is experienced in sales and excels in understanding his clients needs and fulfilling their dreams. With his 12 years in Marbella he has a solid and reliable network within the real estate community and his knowledge of the coast is second to none.

+34 693 740 851 [email protected]