Conferences & Events

The REAS holds a range of key events throughout the year aimed to provide an opportunity for those in the property profession to network with their peers and further develop their skills.

Consumer Reassurance

Consumers can choose the agency they deal with based on the knowledge that REAS accredited agencies have undertaken and are committed to continuing professional development and ongoing training.

Courses & Training

Some courses are targeted to those seeking a new career in the exciting world of real estate professionals, other courses are to help those already in the profession keep improving and growing.

Code of Conduct & Professional Standards

REAS has a valued reputation for encouraging the highest ethical standards among its members.


The logo of REAS membership is a reminder to you, the consumer, that an agency must follow professional standards and act with honesty, integrity and transparency. All members of the REAS are required to abide by the Code of Conduct & Professional Standards, thereby conducting business in a manner that will uphold and enhance the reputation of the real estate profession.

  • Membership Benefits

    REAS gives you the credibility of being part of the most respected industry organisation in Spain.

  • Code of Conduct

    A public statement of the principles, values and behaviour expected of REAS members.

  • Consumer Reassurance

    If you are looking to buy or sell, get the peace of mind you deserve by choosing one of our members.

  • Training & Courses

    REAS training is highly regarded in the profession for being delivered by highly experienced trainers.

  • Conferences & Events

    All REAS events feature experienced guest speakers offering specialist advice and inspiration.

  • Members Resources

    REAS accredited agencies have exclusive access to a wide range of valuable products and services.

  • Buying Property Guide

    The REAS strongly recommends the use of a qualified agent before buying a property in Spain.

  • Selling Property Guide

    The REAS strongly recommends sellers use the services of a REAS accredited agency.

  • REAS Awards for Excellence

    The annual REAS Awards for Excellence is the most prestigious event on the industry’s calendar.