Passionate about her work and highly dedicated to her clients, she has a proven track record of providing extraordinary service and outstanding results. “I recognise and value the trust my clients and my team place in me, and I strive every day to exceed their expectations,” says Alexandra. She takes tremendous pride in her work, which shows through her friendly and welcoming approach.

Since early in her career Alexandra has always been heavily involved in all aspects of real estate. Born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden, she is incredibly passionate, persistent, caring and focused on her business. She attended Broward College where she completed Associate of Science in Business Administration and Management.

Alexandra's unrivalled dedication and determination, coupled with her straightforward approach and integrity, as well as her love for real estate, makes her the ultimate leader for one of the most advanced and respected real estate firms in the business.

Alexandra is committed to providing a level of superior service to all her clients and making sure all their needs are met. Alexandra's personable, charismatic manners and warm, youthful energy allows her to provide her clients with a unique experience they are sure not to forget. When she isn’t busy with work, you’ll find her taking her two dogs for long walks, making music with her fiancé, and spending time with family and friends.

+34 951 121 364 [email protected]